Monday, May 25, 2009

Catholic Geek Information: "Foxmarks" becomes "Xmarks"

"Big yip!" you say. Well, the Foxfire browser's bookmarking utility has become portable and now is downloadable and works with Internet Explorer and other browsers. Well, I don't know if that is that much of a big deal but there is one capability on XMarks that is interesting.

Each web page or blog has a "site info" icon that can be used to discover similar pages if you are doing research. This can be useful when you are doing research and you didn't quite find what you wanted. But more importantly, Xmarks ranks pages by popularity by various categories. I have no idea how they do this. But if you want to hang out with the best and find out what pages they visit, this can be helpful.

Here is a list of Catholic Blogs and Catholic Information web pages that are quite popular (and a few local blogs that also made the rankings).



Blogs Catholicism
Catholic Religion Blogs

Whispers in the Loggia 1 41 83 1,453
"Father Z" (WDTPRS) 2 86 99 3,282 4,238
Curt Jester 3 63 109 4,089 5,921
American Papist 4 35 111 3,822 4,955
Shrine Holy Whapping 5 334 230 6,571 10,117
New Liturgical Movement 6 50 146
Mark Shea (CAEI) 7
128 6,649 7,710
Ironic Catholic 14 595
10,992 20,992
In the Light of the Law 27 127 310 9,531 12,645
Orbis Catholicus
17,587 40,780
Roamin' Roman


Monastic Musings

Weight of Glory


New Advent
1 2 35
Catholic Answers
2 5 121
4 6 31
5 1 56
Catholic Encyclopedia
6 7 62
American Catholic
7 8 160
8 4 101
9 10 199
Catholic Culture
10 11 343
11 9 230
14 14 534
Catholic Exchange
17 13 507

Congratulations to the Ironic Catholic of Winona whose blog of the same name is number 14 in popularity among Catholic blogs. Also making the list are:

Orbis Catholicus, John Sonnen, St. Agnes parishioner studying in Rome; lots of local color
The Roamin' Roman, Veritatis' wonderful blog created during her senior year in Rome in UST's program where she did nothing but travel and take great pictures. It's been a couple of years since she has added to it, but it is still on the list.
Faithmouse, Dan Lacy, Catholic artist and cartoonist
Monastic Musings, Sr. Edith Bogue, Sociology professor at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth. Really excellent
The Weight of Glory, Clayton Emmer, Twin Cities expat in Los Angeles who recently returned home.


Margaret said...

I am discovering new catholic blogs every day. Maybe there should be a MOCB as well as an MOB that meets up at Keegans like the MOB (Minnesota Organization of Blogs) used to and still sometimes does.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Wow. Pretty cool. Thanks for the news that people are actually reading!