Sunday, May 3, 2009

Studies in Rome? Where?

John Sonnen, St. Agnes parish member, Roman resident, graduate student, tour guide, photographer [When does he get to study?] and must-read blogger if you are interested in the scenic side of Rome (Orbis Catholicus), has come out with one of the best contributions on Italy (in English) since Sr. Mary Neva's [Sister Mary WHO? Formerly Mary Gibson, now in discernment and formation] "Roamin' Roman" photographic omnibus of several years ago when she spent her UST senior year there [also not studying, I'd bet. Too busy shooting snaps.]

John has, without comments, posted a long list of urls of colleges/universities in Rome (besides the North American College, which is a seminary) where you might enroll for your year abroad (or more). I would a assume that a very good command of the Italian language would be required. (Latin and Greek studies) [Universita Pontifica Salesiana] (Patristics/Fathers of the Church) [Instituto Patristico Augustiano] (Theology and the like) [Universita Pontifica Laterense] (Theology and the like and liturgical studies) [Universita Pontifica della Santa Croce] (Theology and the like) [Athenaeum Pontificium Regina Apostolorum] (Islamic studies) [Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies] (Spiritual theology) [Teresianum] (Theology) [Pontificia Facolta Teologica “San Bonaventura”Seraphicum] (Theology and the like) [Pontificia Università San Tommaso - "Angelicum"] (Theology and the like) [Universita Pontifica Salesiana] (Theology) [Universita Pontifica Antonianum] (Missioners) [Pontifical Urbaniana University] (Education) [Pontificia Facolta Di Scienze Dell'Educazione "Auxilium"] (Archeology) [Pontificio Instituto di Archeologia Cristiana] (Pastoral Theology) [International Institute of Pastoral Theology of Health Care ] (Theology) [Istituto di Teologia della Vita Consacrata “Claretianum”] (Theology) [Pontificia Università Gregoriana] (Scripture) [Pontificio Istituto Biblico] (Theology and the like) [Universita Pontifica Laterense] (Moral Theology) [Accademia Alfonsiana] (Mariology) [Pontificia Facolta Teologica - "Marianum"] (Secular faculties) [Università Europea di Roma] (Library Science) [Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana] (Eastern Studies) [Pontificio Instituto Orientale Biblioteca] (Sacred Music) [Pontificium Institutum Musicae Sacrae] (Liturgical studies) [Pontificio Ateneo S. Anselmo]

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