Saturday, May 30, 2009

Discussion: Scapegoating Homosexuality?

In Discussion over at Terry's Abbey-Roads blog: michael r.: If we truly believe that unmarried lay people with same-sex attractions are capable of living lives of chaste celibacy, why should we automatically assume that a young man with same-sex attractions who wants to enter the seminary is incapable of the chaste celibacy which is required of him?"

The most important functions of society are procreation and the raising properly of the next generation of children.

The Catholic Church has been highly negligent in the past in allowing a tiny minority its ministers and priests to abuse those children in the mistaken belief that all people behave properly. We forgot that all people are sinners too.

The Church is attempting to rectify its neglect of its children in the past by not exposing them to the danger of possible abuse by adults in the future.

Unfortunately it is not known exactly who might be an abuser. But it is known that that some homosexuals are likely to be abusers. Until science comes up with an accurate predictor as to who may be an abuser, the Church is siding on the side of safety, rather than experiment with its children as it learns about these things.

Unfortunately, society (and the Church) also has no predictor as to how to raise a child properly. But society has gone pell mell into experimentation with little knowledge of the potential results by encouraging broken families with no-fault divorce laws and by allowing homosexual adoptions.

Right now divorces among Americans exceed 60 percent of all marriages. Even worse, illegitimate births are occurring at the same rate. Our families are being destroyed by our social experimentation. And so are our children, the parents of the next generation.

With the advent of these practices our schools have become full of children with attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, bullying, autism and learning difficulties. And after spending billions of dollars in trying to get children to graduate, the dropout rate is as high as it every was.

There is no doubt in the minds of thinking individuals that families composed of one mother and one father are what works.

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