Sunday, October 21, 2007

American Chesterton Society Announces the opening of "Chesterton Academy" in the Fall of 2008!

Did you know there are plans for a new Catholic high school, located in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, opening in the Fall of 2008?!

"Chesterton Academy
will be created as a private, independent high school. There will be no public or archdiocesan funding either solicited or expected...
We are preparing our children for both temporal life and eternal life: to be good citizens and to be saints."

"Information Meeting - November 15, 2007

Please join us Thursday, Nov. 15, at 7 PM - Holy Family Academy (Kattar Hall) -5925 West Lake Street, St. Louis Park, Minn.

We will make a short presentation and introduce our new headmaster and answer your questions!

Applications will be available for the 2008-09 School Year.

Light refreshments will be served."

More information can be found on their website at:
HatTip to Catholic Parents OnLine

There was some chat about the creation this new school at the ACS's annual conference in June. At that time, it was thought that a location in East Bloomington might be workable. Attend the November 15 meeting to see if that has changed.

Oooooops! If I had bothered to read the info on the link that has been provided, I would have seen that:

  • Initial location in a rented, temporary facility in the Twin Cities West Metro area.


Anonymous said...


This is a heinous plot by Chestertonian Distributivist Catholics to overthrow American capitalism! It is anti-American.

You do not know the sinister plots of the Chesterton Society against America.

Unknown said...

Tom & Katie:

Welcome to Stella Borealis. Boy, I am really impressed how you found my Chesterton post on the new school only 20 minutes after I posted it.

You must have my RSS feed aimed at the top of your Inbook. Thank you for that.

You know, of course, that I am hurt that I didn't get an invite to your wedding. Well, now that we are "penpals" I'm sure that I will be on the "A List" for all your future parties.

Especially since I read "Dianetics" some time ago.

What does "distributivist" mean?

Your pal,

Ray from MN

Terry Nelson said...

We don't know either - but a lot of trad blogs write about it.

(Katie and I really aren't very smart.)

swissmiss said...

Ah schucks, here I thought little Suri might be a class mate of my Kate.

Dumbledore isn't going to be teaching there, is he?

Cathy_of_Alex said...

As long as Adoro and I aren't expected to eat salad at this particular Chesterton gig, I'm ok with it.

Sounds interesting.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Oh, and should we start a betting pool on who the Headmaster is?

Oh, wait, this is a Catholic blog. I shouldn't even mention betting. See how bad I am!

Why do I need to start a pool anyway. Ray will just tell me. I'll weedle it out of him. He knows everything. Really.

Unknown said...

Swiss Miss: I believe Dumbledore has a conflict that day with a big bash scheduled for the Rainbow Sash gang.

Cathy: Whenever I read "light refreshment" I figure that salad is the main course. Our menu at the last session of the Argument of the Month Club started with lots of chips and Cheez-Whiz, followed by several pizzas to get the appetite in gear, then the main course was potatoes cut into small pieces, heavily oiled and baked and seasoned and the piece de resistance brats and sauerkraut in large tasty buns. After a few arguments (plural), the meal was polished off with a hefty slice of chocolate cake, whipped cream optional.

The only green that came with the meal was a little bit of parsley to add a little color to the potatoes.

That's NOT a light refreshment.

Unknown said...

Cathy: Being this is a Catholic Blog, maybe we could have Bingo and figure out a way to put candidates for Headmaster on the Bingo Cards.

Likely Candidates would be Father Z, Mitchell, Judith, Terry, Adoro, the Roamin-Roman, yourself, and maybe some of the local Priest bloggers like Father Andrew from Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

I should have written di.stributism. Gosh I'm dumb

Unknown said...

I think you had it right, Tommie!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I would love to send my kids there if...I were a millionaire! Looks like it will be a few more years of homeschooling for my kiddos!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Let me state for the record that I will not be the Headmaster of this new school. For that, all parents should give thanks to God.

Ray: That menu is so frat boy it's hysterical! What, no instant raman noodle bowls?