Monday, October 22, 2007

Maria de la Soledad Teresa O'Brien Wows them in Sioux City!

Soledad O'Brien, who also is a special correspondent for CNN: Special Investigations Unit, was the featured speaker at the 11th annual Bishop's Dinner for Catholic education Sunday evening.

O'Brien shared with the crowd of about 770 at the Sioux City Convention Center stories of her parents, her young family and her vocation as a journalist.

The daughter of a biracial couple -- her mother is black and from Cuba and her father is white and from Australia -- O'Brien delighted the crowd with stories of her mother in particular.

"My mother is not a warm, fuzzy," she confessed. "She's more of a tough-nut immigrant, whose best advice to me was: 'Most people are idiots.'" [...Snip] Deacon's Bench/New Advent


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