Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fr. Z and the Knights of St. Blog's Roundtable

Father Z and the Knights of St Blog's Roundtable

Seven Empty Seats

Who didn't make it that day?

Let's see, of course you recognize Fr. Z in the top center with a bottle of one of Nan Bailey's finest Minnesota vintages in front of him ("Where the Grapes Can Suffer"), where the vineyard is located on the same latitude as that of Bordeaux grapes; Sir Terry is kinda tiny so he could be in one of those seven empty seats with his back to the camera; It looks like Lady Cathy might be in the lower right of the picture but we can't get a good glimpse of her; and that's probably Lady Adoro on her right; Sir Mitchell the Scrivener of Our Word seems to be the tall and smug fellow with a couple of books in his pocket on Father Z's right; the artistic looking fellow, in all green, to Father's left is probably Vincenzo, Father's Court Jester and Frescoer; and of course, you all know from the DC Comics library that the handsome looking fellow in blue-red-yellow drinking Carlo Rossi Chianti is most certainly Sir Ray from MN.

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Sanctus Belle said...

Is that Dudley Moore to Father Z's right?

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I was having a bad hair day. I was actually under the table hiding from the camera.(not passed out-Terry!)

uncle jim said...

I know Halloween is coming, but that is one scary picture.

Vincenzo said...