Saturday, October 20, 2007


Warning – offensive material. Obscene adult costumes of a priest and nun are being distributed on the internet and to local Halloween stores across the nation. The website is
"Spirit Halloween" features obsene costumes of the “Happy Priest” and Pregnant Nun. The “Happy Priest” costume depicts a priest with an erection while the costume of a pregnant nun is called “Thank you, Father”. Other filthy nun outfits displayed on the website include the “Sexy Nun” and “Sexy One Bad Habit”. While other costumes of religious figures including a Rabbi and Moses are available, only the priest and nun are portrayed in a profane and raunchy fashion!

****Warning – offensive material****


contact the main distributor of this filthy display of bigotry and prejudice against Catholic religious at 1-800-COSTUME and tell them to remove these costumes from distribution! Email the main online store at and also contact your local store at, listed below,and protest your local halloween store if they are carrying these offensive costumes.

Distribute this boycott list as widely as possible and . Let's stop this frontal attack on our Catholic faith NOW!