Monday, October 15, 2007

Fargo's Cathedral of St Mary's schedules Extraordinary Mass for 2:00 each Sunday

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From Catholic Answers Forum:

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The Cathedral of St. Mary had the first Latin Mass in Fargo, ND today at 2:00. Each Sunday the Latin Mass will be at 2:00.
Just wanted to notify everyone who doesn't know it's offered and it was beautiful ! the church was packed with hundreds.
No no no. There is no way it was packed with hundreds. You see, the Traditional Mass is a fringe Mass, attended by only a few die hards and troublemakers. In fact, it will never grow beyond being a fringe thing until the Priest turns around and faces the people and the entire Mass is in the vernacular.

Hey don't blame me, I've read those very lines right here on this forum, and you know they must be correct. Palmas85


Anonymous said...

Who is the priest celebrant? I think its great. I guess I'm one of those die-hard converts who loves tradition. Thats why I became a Catholic and left the Lutheran church.

Unknown said...

I don't know much more about this than what I found on Catholic Answers Live. The bulletins for St Mary's Cathedral in Fargo are not up to date on the Internet.

If anybody has more information on this, please contact me.