Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Isn't the Internet Wonderful? You Can Google Just About Anybody.

And isn't it neat how people we know turn up when we least expect it some times.

I was going through my typical afternoon/morning/evening/night of web surfing and checking for interesting "stuff" to put on Stella, checking out Father Tim Finnigan's blog in the U.K. to see what travesty of liturgy might be happening there when I saw that he had a link to some artwork. Even though I don't use it much these days, I decided to scarf some up and save it for the future. So I popped on over to In Illo Tempore to find it. It turned out that I already had it but in the process of finding it I got distracted when I saw the name of Duluth blogger, Sharon Mollerus, who teaches English at the College of St Scholastica up there in the Zenith City of the Unsalted Sea. Her blogging, with a lot of poetry and photography, is confined to Clairity Daily and Butterfly Net these days. I thought.

But she has a personal web page at that has links to her poetry and articles that she has had published. Check that out. I see some from that neat little monthly "missalette/magazine", Magnificat, and a lot of other journals that I have not heard ot.

And, most interesting perhaps for those of us who have been on the web for a while, in the In Illo Tempore post, entitled Electronic communication between Catholics before the Internet, a link was given to an interview with Sharon to a Catholic Answers "This Rock" magazine article, from back in 1997, entitled "Ten Years of Online Faith." Most of you don't know what we did before the Internet with its ability to have pictures and sounds and our hard drives and mice were confined to megabyte and 1200 and 2400 baud sizes. Well, Sharon was there with her husband operating something called the Catholic Information Network (CIN).

It's still going today and is being kept current, providing lots of solid information for today's Catholics. I'd bet that most of you are unfamiliar with it. I probably visited it back in those days of yore, but I haven't since then. I see that Sharon must be still involved with CIN as some of her articles are listed on today's index.

Thank you Sharon for all that you have done in sharing the faith, and your poetry, articles and photography.

And for those of you not familiar with Catholic Answers' "This Rock" magazine, check it out. Seventeen years of the text of those issues is free for downloading and they have some of the best articles anywhere that explain items of our Catholic faith.


Vincenzo said...

"Most of you don't know what we did before the Internet with its ability to have pictures and sounds and our hard drives and mice were confined to megabyte and 1200 and 2400 baud sizes."

LOL. I have fond memories of my hot rod 1200 baud modem.

Unknown said...


Ah, those were the days. I recall the evening when I drove five miles to a unfamiliar part of town to purchase a used 2400 baud modem from a guy I met on a BBS for $25.

I had been severely criticized by a sysop of another BBS for my pokey 1200 baud modem that had come with my Northgate 80286. I was taking too much of HIS computer time.

A few days later, I screwed up my courage, took off the cover, removed the 1200 baud modem from its slot, successfully installed the 2400 and then spent the rest of the day trying to figure out which port and configurations to use.

Finally success, and satisfaction. I had doubled the speed of my computer for only $25.00.

I no longer needed to take TV breaks while my downloads consumed a half hour or more of computer time.

Of course as computer programs got better, they got larger and downloading became slower again and ultimately the 2400 modem needed to be upgraded. But it was wonderful for a time.