Saturday, October 20, 2007

Strib and Pagan Teachers are concerned that Christians are too exclusive and might offend if they meet too often

That's funny. I can think of two or three hundred Christian denominations that would love to have converts.

As disillusionment grows with the sometimes-cutthroat atmosphere of youth sports, young people in Minnesota are increasingly turning to an organization promoting a faith-based approach to athletic competition.

In Burnsville, the seven-year-old [Fellowship of Christian Athletes] group normally had 60 or 70 students; this year, it now regularly draws more than 150 to its weekly meetings. Statewide, the number of "huddles" is growing from about 130 now to an expected 150 by the end of the school year.

But the group's growth also raises questions about maintaining the separation of church and state at school, and whether the organization's popularity might leave others feeling shut out.

...Even if the programs are voluntary, there's a chance that students of different religions, or those with other reasons for staying away, can feel alienated from their teammates.

For Burnsville's FCA members, Monday night huddles provide a chance to spend time with friends and learn about God in their own way. And despite the group's name, you don't need to be an athlete to attend.
The group meets in a different member's home every week -- the location is spread word-of-mouth and on, another possible reason for the growth. [....Snip] StarTribune

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