Sunday, October 21, 2007

NCAA Hypocrisy: Seminoles are OK; Fighting Sioux are Not

Letter to the StarTribune Published: October 18, 2007
The hypocrisy of the NCAA, academics and other limousine liberals seems to be lost on everyone.

The University of North Dakota "Fighting Sioux" logo is bad

but the Florida State University Seminole logo is good.

The University of North Dakota has done so much more for the modern Sioux tribes than FSU has ever done for the remaining Seminoles. Scholarship programs, social support for tribes, medical programs, all directed at improving the lives of Sioux tribal members. The difference to the NCAA being that FSU is in the top three schools nationally for licensed product. This means hundreds of millions of dollars at risk if the NCAA terminates a double standard. The NCAA can't afford to irritate FSU. UND falls into a much different category: small school, no money, no money sport, out on the tundra. There is too much money at stake to justify not being hypocritical.

Just for the record, my half-Celtic self-esteem has been taking a beating. Not by the "Fighting Irish" logo of Notre Dame, but by its pathetic performance. I really wish that a stronger team would adopt the moniker. Right now they couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. I might indicate who they could possibly beat, but then I am sure I would insult some other easily offended group and this cycle would start all over again: "He called me a name..."
I wish folks could find something really worthy of being upset about. JAY HUYCK, MAPLE GROVE

We won't even talk about this atrocity for the "Cleveland Baseball Team" as local media here refer to it:

The University of Minnesota has taken a bold stand on the North Dakota "Fighting Sioux" logo issue. They are forbidding all intercollegiate sports competition between Gopher teams (less than 1% can probably tell me how we came to have such a goofy team name, I'd bet) and the Fighting Sioux.

Except in Ice Hockey, the only competition between the two schools where Mariucci Arena can be guaranteed a sellout and lots of profit for the University. So add the UofMN to the hypocrisy list, too.

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