Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Alberta Bill to Protect Critics of Homosexuality Loses to Stalling Tactic

A private member’s bill that would protect Albertans who oppose homosexual activity from fines or discrimination charges faced a third and final reading yesterday in the legislature. However, the Liberal and NDP opposition commandeered the time available for private member’s bills with procedural matters effectively killing the bill.

MLA Ted Morton introduced controversial Bill 208 in April. The Protection of Fundamental Freedoms (Marriage) Statutes Amendment Act would have permitted marriage commissioners to opt out of performing homosexual “marriages,” and require schools to obtain parental permission before introducing material on homosexuality in the classroom. As well, persons would have been protected from fines or other charges for speaking out against homosexuality.

While homosexual activists have condemned the bill as discriminatory and an attack on human rights, Morton has said the bill is about balancing rights and has nothing to do with homosexual “marriage.”

“Gay marriage is not a human right, it’s a social experiment,” Morton told the Edmonton Journal. “I think it’s a misguided social experiment. Gay marriage does not appear in a single recognized human rights document in the world. It’s not in the Charter of Rights. It’s not in the Canadian Bill of Rights. It’s not in the European Convention of Human Rights, it’s not in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.” [snip]

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