Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Watch out, Cretin Raiders! Here come the Lions!

The football traditions at Providence Academy, a private catholic school in Plymouth, aren't quite up to those at Notre Dame. But that doesn't mean there's not already some history within the two-year-old football program.

This season, the Lions' first true senior class includes lineman David Vertin. Vertin's father Tony was a player on Wayzata's football team in 1976, Roger Lipelt's first year there as head coach. Lipelt is now the coach for Providence.

He took the reins when the school opted to add football beginning two seasons ago on a junior-varsity level. After a 1-7 showing last season in the school's first year with a varsity squad, those within the program believe this fall will have a different feel. [snip] StarTribune

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