Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"The Grand Inquisitor": Just Who Is The Better Catholic?

Terry, our double-blogger from Rome-ing Catholics and Abbey-Roads has a great post today on the conflicts in the Church today often brought about by traditionalists ("rad-trads") who think that the Church lost a great deal in the Second Vatican Council.

[snip] I hate these nominative designations traditionalists love to employ, such as; neo-con, liberal, neo-cath, neo-trad, JPII idolaters, among other less honorable appellations towards Catholics who support Vatican II and have a deep respect for the Novus Ordo Mass as well as other post-Councilar reforms. (However "trads" or "traditionalists" refer to themselves using this nomenclature, I did not invent it.) Everyone knows that many abuses arose in the 40 years since the Council, yet there have been many who have implemented the reforms in the correct manner and form, while remaining faithful to the Magisterium. With John Paul II and now Pope Benedict XVI we have seen, and will continue to see much needed "reform of the reform." Obviously it is not fast enough for the traditionalists who seem to want to call into question every word and action of the Supreme Pontiff and the legitimate Magisterium. As Mark Shea once commented, "For traditionalists, it seems no one is Catholic enough." (Those may not be his exact words, but they are close enough.)
[snip] Abbey-Roads

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