Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nearly One Quarter of Archdiocesan Parishes Have Opted Out of Virtus-TAT Program

This email was received from the Primary Educators League via Catholic Parents OnLine

Dear friends in Christ,

As summer winds down and we prepare for the new
school year, there is some great news to share! 52 parishes have received approval from Archbishop
Flynn to use the Harrisburg, PA program, Formation in Christian Chastity (FICC)!

Thank you for your efforts to communicate with your pastors, principals, DREs, and board members about your concerns regarding the Archdiocesan recommended safe environments curriculum - specifically Talking About Touching (TAT, also referred to as Virtus).

The August 17, 2006 edition of the Catholic Spirit has a special pull-out section for the safe environment initiative which launches next month. On page 7B they provide a summary of the parish and school curriculum choices. The number of pastors who chose FICC over Talking About Touching is nearly equal. To see parish and school curriculum choices please read the this Primary Educators League blog entry:

Here's how you can help. We need to update our list of parishes that have received approval to use FICC. Please check our list at and let us know which parishes we are missing.

Additionally, the Catholic Spirit reported that 37 parishes remain "undeclared" as of Aug. 17th. If you know of a parish that is undeclared, please let us know. If there is information we need to get to that pastor to help him with the decision, we'd like to help.

Since we have not sent out any e-mail communications this summer, you may have missed this story that ran just as school was letting out: "Pastors Rejecting Talking About Touching,"

There's an additional blog entry
you should read as well:

In Christ,
Primary Educators League

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