Thursday, August 24, 2006

ND Bishops say pill approval reflects 'culture of death'

Federal approval of the so-called morning-after pill is tragic and reflects a "culture of death" in the United States, North Dakota's Roman Catholic bishops say.

The head of an abortion clinic in Fargo says over-the-counter sales of Plan B morning-after birth control pills will prevent more unwanted pregnancies.

The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that people 18 and older may buy Plan B pills without a prescription from pharmacies. Girls 17 and younger still need a doctor's note, the FDA said.

Bishop Samuel Aquila, who heads the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fargo, issued a statement denouncing the FDA's decision, saying it "is a reflection of the way in which many U.S. citizens are embracing a culture of death."

"I pray for our nation today and especially for women who are once again being told in this subtle yet drastic way that their value is based upon their willingness to be objects of sexual pleasure despite the cost," Aquila's statement said.

"We need to call it exactly what it is - it is truly a culture of death," said Bishop Paul Zipfel, who heads the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bismarck. "I feel exactly the same way as Bishop Aquila." [snip] Grand Forks Herald

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