Monday, August 28, 2006

Three Week Old Mary Jane has had her First Trip to the State Fair Already!

Erin who blogs at bearing blog and just became a third time mom, giving birth at home again about three weeks ago, is starting her home schooling early. She took young Mary Jane out to the "Miracle of Birth Center" in one of the barns. I'm not sure if that is part of the VIRTUS/TAT program, or the FICC program. But Erin had some time to contemplate the "Miracle of Birth." If you are a mother or have a mother, you'll surely want to read it.

Another item at the Minnesota State Fair: There's a new, expanded "Miracle of Birth Center." This is the barn full of hugely pregnant and/or lactating livestock, also incubating poultry eggs. It's always packed full of people hoping they'll be there at the very moment that some lamb or piglet or calf will emerge from its mother.
This "miracle of birth" thing is hard to wrap my mind around. Many of the people at the fair (not, I admit, myself) are farming families. I doubt that a litter of piglets really seems like a "miracle" to a family who's raised pigs for four or five generations.
It does seem miraculous when it's a little person. And yet it is ordinary. (For those of us who conceive and birth without much trouble or fanfare, anyway.) I marvel at her eyes, simply at how they are put together, their pure white moistness, their dark blue irises, their inky pupils, their smooth orbits, the folded fleshiness of their lids and creases, their nearly invisible lashes. This grew in my body, all by itself? This perfection? [snip] bearing blog

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