Thursday, August 24, 2006

"Bridges to Life": a Texas volunteer program that teaches "empathy" to criminals; with success

This is one you should read all of!

Welcome to another World of Good (WOG) blogburst here at The Scratching Post. Today we highlight a group in Texas that works to help ex-cons go straight.

A common feature among criminals is a lack of empathy. Most of them have an inability to feel for the plight of their victims. To the criminal, they harm people because they want to and they can. All that matters is them and everyone else is insignificant.

A common feature among victims is a feeling of rage and helplessness. Usually without warning, someone has come and taken property or damaged lives. The victims can't turn back the clock and recover what's been lost, they just have to move on and live with the damage done.

Bridges to Life is a non-profit organization primarily made of volunteers that brings victims and convicts together. They help convicts have a change of heart by showing them the damage that is done to a crime victim. The criminals are forced to confront the pain caused by crime and see just what they have wrought. Without empathy, the only thing preventing a criminal from commiting another crime is the fear of returning to prison. The victims who volunteer gain a measure of peace and forgiveness through this process.

The message left by prison is "don't get caught." The message left by Bridges to Life is "respect the lives of others." [snip] Read it All

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