Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Criminently! Now Father Altier's new parishioners aren't happy with him

83 seconds ago just got a report from the Schwabs at the Desert Voice website, great friends of Father Robert Altier, now assigned to the Regina Nursing Home in Hastings, MN, that some of the regular attendees at Masses there aren't happy with Father's orthodox celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:

We now want to share with you some disturbing news and ask for your prayers. It has come to our attention that a petition is being circulated by a small group of Hastings residents who are seeking to have Fr. Altier removed from the Regina nursing home. These people are not residents of the nursing home, but they have attended Mass at the nursing home chapel for a long period of time and are objecting to the orthodox manner in which Fr. Altier is praying Masses at the Regina chapel. They plan to present their petition to Archbishop Flynn. Please pray for Fr. Altier, and also for these individuals that they may have a true conversion and change of heart. Isn't it ironic that so many Catholics would be grateful to have a priest who genuinely cares for their souls and wants to lead them on the true path to eternal life, yet these persons are rebelling against Fr. Altier, who is trying to do just that? Please remember this situation in your prayers. Desert Voice


Cathy_of_Alex said...

I've been thinking a lot about this after reading Mr. Nelson's excellent post on his Abbey-Roads ( blog from Tuesday (Grand Inquisitor)

The sad fact is there are Catholics who are just never satisfied unless the Mass conforms to their vision. You have the ultra-traditionalists who want all of us at the 1962 Latin High Mass and you have the "Spirit of VII" types who think anything and everything is o.k.

Where does that leave those of us who just want a Mass celebrated as it's ALLOWED and SUPPOSED to be?

The above probably doesn't have diddly to do with Ray's post but I just wanted to get it off my chest.

In any case, I'm sensing that I will be celebrating Mass at Regina in Hastings in the near future because I want to see what's going on for myself. I'm sure Father Altier is not doing anything that is not allowed in the GIRM so it will also be a trip of support.

Who's with me? A M.O.B. day trip?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Fr. Altier has become something of a pariah. It is unfair.
His taking the Masses at St. Augustine isn't going to play well either. The tridetine mass there is filled to capacity when he celebrates.
I predict he will be barred from that soon as well - it's not going to be permitted - I just bet.

Anonymous said...

We are new to the area but did have a couple of months of Father Altier at St. Agnes; we love him and miss him. Where is this nursing home chapel? My husband and I will take our children to mass their sometimes (maybe during the week or something, we don't want to desert St. Agnes, which we love, as well as the wonderful priests there). Where is the nursing home?

Unknown said...

The Regina Nursing Home is in Hastings, MN, maybe 25 miles southeast of St Paul.

But Father Altier is also assisting at St Augustine's Parish in South St Paul, maybe 6 miles from downtown St Paul.

Contact me using my email address found in my profile in the list of Contributors to the blog in the right sidebar. I can give you better directions if I know approximately where you are living. And it will be much faster.