Thursday, August 31, 2006

Saint Mary's University Purchases Memorial Blood Center Building to Expand Its Twin Cities Campus

The Saint Mary's University Twin Cities campus will double in size with the addition of a nearby building and parking lot. Its purchase of the Memorial Blood Center at 2304 Park Avenue in Minneapolis will help accommodate a growing enrollment, which has increased 24% over the past five years.

The university closed on the Memorial Blood Center purchase on August 29. Two blocks north of the present campus, the center will add 35,000 square feet on three levels and 100 parking spaces to the university's Twin
Cities facilities.

The three existing Saint Mary's buildings along Park Avenue include approximately 35 classrooms and 50 office spaces. While a second-floor addition to Mother Teresa Hall was considered, that expansion project will not be pursued, according to Brother Craig Franz, president of the university. "The Blood Center purchase is more cost-effective, and it will provide more useable space. The additional parking will be welcomed by all," Franz said.

Growing graduate and professional program enrollment has resulted in a considerable need for additional Twin Cities classroom, parking, and office space. In the past year, the university had to rent classroom and parking space from the adjacent Phillips Eye Clinic.

The former Memorial Blood Center will be primarily used for classroom and office space. Suggestions from Twin Cities faculty and staff will be considered in its redesign and function. Building renovations will likely be completed by the start of the 2007 summer semester.

"This addition to the Saint Mary's campus will allow for continued growth in enrollment and program offerings," said Franz. "It will help us provide improved service to adult learners in the Twin Cities area."

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota is a private, Catholic, coeducational institution offering comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs. The university takes education to its learners through campuses and facilities in Winona; Minneapolis; Apple Valley; Rochester; numerous other locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin; Nairobi, Kenya; classes offered on the sites of its various corporate partners; and online course offerings. Nearly 3,900 full- and part-time students are enrolled in the university's School of Graduate and Professional Programs, which offers bachelor's degree completion and master's degree programs in fields including business, technology, health and human services, and education. SMU of MN

It is thought that one of St Blog's Parish's most famous and entertaining bloggers is resident down at St Mary's main campus. Maybe that person might finagle junkets to visit us urban bloggers now and then and see how the other half lives and teach us a bit about semi-mordancy.


Adoro said...

Who would that be?

I graduated from SMU in Winona in 1996, lived there...lost my faith there.

It is a good school, but trends towards the "liberal" (politically and otherwise) end of the spectrum.

Anonymous said...

I teach at SMU, in Winona.

Sorry to hear your experience, adoro. Let me put it this way...we have a new president, new curriculum, many new faculty...I think it is a different place than it was a few years ago. But I don't know if it would appeal to you or not.

Yes, expanding the SMU TC campus is good! The only Catholic or Christian university that decided to root its classes in the Phillips neighborhood.... (clapping)

I'm not aware of any junkets between campuses though.

Adoro said...


I was excited to see that Br. Craig became president as I am a HUGE fan of his and we had many wonderful conversations. I considered contacting him to request a reference for Grad school, but since we haven't spoken in so long I chose not to.

I do hope things are better there now. SMU is a good school and I have fond memories, certainly, but in retrospect I also realize some of the things that were wrong.

Anonymous said...

We should talk about that all sometime. I wasn't teaching here in 1996, so you wouldn't know me.

I agree with you on our new president--I think Br. Craig is doing a very fine job as president in his first full year.