Friday, August 25, 2006

South Dakota: Execution vs. abortion is discussion with no conclusion

At the time of this writing the execution of South Dakota Penitentiary inmate Elijah Page was still pending. His voluntary execution was scheduled for some time this week. Since Page’s conviction of brutally murdering Chester Poage and Page’s subsequent sentence of death by injection there appears to have been very little discussion on whether he should face execution or have his sentence commuted by Governor Mike Rounds, at least not like we have read about from other states under similar circumstances.

But there have been attempts to equate the execution with South Dakota’s abortion issue. Some folks may think this may look a lot like an apples and oranges issue.

DOES ELIJAH PAGE asking for his execution negate anything? Not hardly. The discussion of the rights and wrongs of execution will continue ad infinitum.

And don’t be surprised if there isn’t at least one bill introduced in the next session of the state Legislature to do away with executions in South Dakota.

There is about as much polarization on whether South Dakota should have capital punishment as there is with the abortion issue.

While the voters of South Dakota will vote this November on whether the very restrictive abortion bill will stand or go down in defeat, I feel no one on either side of the abortion issue will ever compromise on this issue. This also holds true on the issue of executions in the state. [snip] Dakota Voice

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