Monday, August 21, 2006

Holy Rosary School in Duluth: Out of the Habit

eaving behind 83 years of tradition with the Dominican Sisters, Duluth's Holy Rosary School stepped outside the religious order to find a new principal to take the lead. Way outside.

Looking drastically different than the middle-aged Sisters who have filled the position since the school's origin, Holy Rosary's new principal, Jesse Murray, is a 30-year-old family man.

Despite the new person at the helm, school staff say the direction and mission are expected to stay largely the same.

"Nothing has really changed from last year to this year except me," Murray said. "I was hired to take the school's success and make sure it continues, and maybe identify some areas that could be improved to make it an even better school in the future."

Holy Rosary's longstanding relationship with the Dominican Sisters ended when the order, based in Springfield, Ill., no longer had enough people entering religious life to meet the needs of institutions outside its home community. [snip] Duluth News Tribune

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