Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Catholics Oppose Elijah Page Execution in South Dakota

He wants to be put to death and a judge has told Elijah Page he will grant that request.

Page is on death row for the March 2000 slaying of Chester Poage, Page and two other men beat, stabbed, tortured and finally murdered the 19-year-old Spearfish man.

The death of lethal injection is scheduled for the week of August 28th. And the case is now stirring up strong emotions from outside the courtroom.

A spokesperson for the Catholic bishops says death penalty cases are always cause for concern because they go against what the church teaches about respecting life. So before Elijah Page is put to death, expect to hear more about why religious leaders think he should be spared.

Elijah Page could become the first person put to death in South Dakota since 1947, which is something the Catholic church is anxious to prevent.
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