Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hey, We've Got Ourselves Our Very Own Saint to Pray To

It looks like the Venerable Solanus Casey, Servant of God, born near Prescott, WI, employed in Stillwater, MN and Superior, WI, later to become a Capuchin priest in Detroit, might have to cede his postion as the probable first Saint from our area. [How foolish our dearth of saints must look to Italians who probably have a couple in every village]!

Susan from St Mary's U in Winona (although I don't believe she lives there), informs us that St Riccardo Pampuri, born August 12, 1897 in Trivolzio (Lombardy), Italy, was a physician who was employed for some time at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. He died 1 May 1930 in Milan, Italy. Apparently there is a statue of him in St John the Evangelist parish in Rochester. More research is needed.

St Blog's favorite search engine, Google, has provided us with a little more on our new Saint, including a translation from the Italian,

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