Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another generic sexual abuse article used as excuse to condemn the Catholic Church

Child sexual abuse is a vicious crime and deserves to be punished. And most of the reported crimes are, if the perpetrator has a connection to the Catholic Church.

But have you ever wondered why you never see any articles about the after effects of such horrors on anybody else but victims of priests? Have you ever read of a lawsuit against a public school teacher or coach or a Christian pastor? Or a parent, for that matter?

It must be just as devastating for a victim in a public school or Christian chuirch or Jewish synagogue (yes it happens there, too), from within a family, or by a neighbor or friend of the family, to be sexually abused. But you don't see lawsuits or news reports.

Have you ever noticed that most victims of clerical sexual abuse seem to be of altar boy age? 83% of the cases are that way. Most think of sexual abuse as "pedophilia" of babies and pre-schoolers. But in actuality it is more like same sex attacks on 10-16 year old boys. Why is that never reported?

To my knowledge there haven't been any revelations of recent sexual abuse by priests in Duluth, or in Minnesota, for that matter. But today we have this article in the News Tribune referencing events in Jemez Springs, NM, Reno, NV, Nashville, TN, and "in the South" at some unspecified dates.

Is there some reason that the free lance author submitted this article and the News Tribune decided to print it?
The Church was wrong. And the Church is being punished, financially, politically and culturally. More than two billion dollars has been paid to victims already, most for events that happened twenty to sixty years ago. And more will be paid.

But no teachers or coaches or pastors, or family members, have to pay, even though child sexual abuse is as or more common in their facilities.


einkleinerknabe said...

Why? Because the DNT's news director -- and former editorial page editor -- is Robin Washington, who, while "a columnist for the Boston Herald, ... spent two years covering the Catholic Church clergy sexual abuse scandal, on which he still comments for numerous newspapers."

It's his claim to fame. You get used to it after a while.

Unknown said...

Thanks, "little boy!"

I figured it had to be something like that.