Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Chesterton Society Conference --- Intelligent Design Session with Father Stanley Jaki

I attended the Saturday sessions of the 25th Annual Conference of the American Chesterton Society over at the University of St Thomas. It was my first visit to one of their events and it was well worth the time.

Other than browsing through the many book stalls, I was intrigued by a small group presentation on Intelligent Design that was going to take place.

I’ve wondered what the “Catholic position” on Intelligent Design is. I know it’s not “7 Days and 4004 B.C.” And I know it’s not the atheistic Darwinian Natural Selection Theories of the Origin of the Species and Evolution about which I know very little other than what I read “in the papers.”

But I know the Intelligent Design folks want to prove that God created the world. Some want to prove that he did it in 7 Days.

What I “know” of the Catholic position is that the Darwinian Theories are acceptable for belief as long as we acknowledge that at some yet unknown point God “intervened” and “created a Man and a Woman.” There may be more to it, but that’s what “I know.” So I came to learn more.

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