Sunday, June 25, 2006

The State of Catholic Higher Education Today: Sigh!

Clayton Emmer, formerly of the St Paul Seminary, now in Los Angeles with his The Weight of Glory blog, posts something today which is very enlightening, and sad:

My favorite podcast from the past week is last Sunday's episode of Sunday Night Live with host Fr. Benedict Groeschel, and guest Dr. Peter Kreeft, discussing the state of Catholic higher education in the United States. The whole 56 minute program is worth a listen. Here's one great sequence:

Benedict Groeschel:
You and I were talking and you told me an anecdote about when they took the crucifixes down from the classroom walls at Boston College. I think this anecdote is a little bit long, but I think our audience would be very interested to her it. [snip] Read More

Clayton was profiled by the Catholic Spirit just this week.
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