Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Fathers Day to All You Dads Out There!

And while thanking God for your blessings today, please pray for Dan McNeill of Ohio.

Since the loss of his wife, Dan McNeill has tried to be both mother and father to his 11 children. ``Every day is a milestone,'' said the 40-year-old New Franklin man.

Dan's wife, Barbara McNeill, 38, died on Feb. 6 while breast-feeding her 2-week-old son. The Summit County Medical Examiner's office ruled she died of natural causes -- a rare muscle-tissue disease. Her death was caused by the muscle of the heart not functioning.

Since her death, the family has celebrated eight birthdays, one baptism, one first penance, one First Communion and three confirmations. The family also has gotten through Mother's Day and the couple's 16th anniversary. [snip] Akron Beacon-Journal

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