Sunday, June 18, 2006

South Dakota's "True Grit"

It is clear by now that the state of South Dakota has a legislature and a governor willing to stand up to pro-abortion pressure and do the right thing. That is why the state became the first in the nation to pass an uncompromising ban affecting all surgical and medical abortions. We also know that almost immediately after Gov. Mike Rounds signed the bill into law, ideologues from Planned Parenthood and other like-minded organizations took to the South Dakota streets to overturn the ban by collecting signatures for a ballot proposal. These abortion peddlers are convinced that if given the choice, voters in South Dakota would be against the abortion ban and would line up to repeal it this November.

Initial signs are that the abortion supporters are up against a tough crowd in South Dakota. In the primary elections that were held this past June 6, every legislator who voted in favor of the abortion ban and was challenged in the primary – and won. Four legislators who voted against the abortion ban were defeated – largely because they voted against the proposal to protect preborn babies once they implant in their mothers’ wombs [snip] Read More
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