Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Keeping the "King of Instruments" Alive

Pope John XXIII spoke of the organ as a “symbol of the life-giving breath of that spirit of the Lord that fills the world.”

[snip] The National Association of Schools of Music surveyed colleges and universities in the mid 1980s and found about 900 students enrolled in organ programs, according to the Chicago Tribune. Two years ago the number had dropped to about 600.

Churches have even begun to replace organs with keyboards, electric pianos and bands, Kresnicka said. From a historical point of view, she said, preservation of the organ is critical. “I don’t know if (interest in the organ) is waning, but it needs help,” said Kresnicka of New Ulm.

That’s why the Sioux Trails chapter’s annual organ recital series is so important. The series — each Tuesday (except July 4) at noon at the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Mankato — has been held for the past decade or so to showcase the talents of area organists across the region. [snip] blc news
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