Friday, June 23, 2006

Father Altier is Joining the Wanderer as a Columnist

Father "Z"
, Minnesota's permanent ambassador to Rome, via St Agnes, is reporting today that Father Robert Altier, formerly assistant at St Agnes Parish, now at Regina Nursing Home in Hastings, "is going to be contributing a brief "in print" Sunday sermonette in the weekly journal of opinion The Wanderer."

The Wanderer
has been published in Minnesota and distributed nationally for well over 100 years. It can be described as holding on to the conservative end of the Catholic spectrum. Father "Z", a fellow seminarian with Father Altier, has been a regular columnist at The Wanderer for some time.

In March Father Altier was required by Archbishop Harry Flynn to cease posting his homilies on the Internet and refrain from appearing on a Relevant Radio program. Apparently he has permission to write for the print media.

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