Saturday, June 17, 2006

Erin at bearing blog is expecting her 3rd -- Very Soon!

You'll probably want to stop in and visit her at bearing blog regularly (and pray for both mother and child). This woman, a chemical engineer by training, can write:

Baby's kicking hard this morning. Maybe it's all the coffee I had. Each successive pregnancy (this is #3, for those of you who haven't kept count), I've felt more movement. I suspect it's because my abdominal muscles have gotten progressively more lax.

This time, the sensations remind me of the feelings of going into early labor: the suddenness of each bump, thump, or rollover; the take-your-breath-away; the downright weirdness of a pulling or stretching or shoving feeling that comes from inside my own guts, for pete's sake. A few of the sensations are the same ones that do accompany labor: twinges from the cervix are unmistakable and very familiar. And of course, if the baby kicks and punches for more than a few minutes, he or she stimulates my uterus to contract, at this stage painless, but startling.

And each time it reminds me, I think something different. I am not ready to do that again, sometimes. Or Here it comes. Not much longer now. Better GET ready. Or that ominous knowledge that it's going to come, and I don't get to choose when, it chooses for me. [snip] More

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