Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Good Shepherd --- Beloved Bishop Emeritus James Sullivan was Laid to Rest Saturday

Bishop Emeritus of Fargo, James Sullivan, was laid to rest Saturday, remembered by his successor as one who had four great loves in his life.

Sullivan, said Bishop Samuel Aquila, loved first Jesus Christ and then also the miracle of the Eucharist becoming Jesus Himself. And the bishop, who died Monday, June 12, loved the priesthood and Mary, Jesus' mother, as the best human ways of showing Jesus to the world, Aquila told about 500 who gathered in the Cathedral of St. Mary here for Sullivan's funeral Mass. "Bishop Sullivan knew the Lord," Aquila said. "His life exemplified that knowledge. His desire today for us gathered at his funeral is that we will know and love Jesus Christ and follow Him." [snip] Grand Forks Herald

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