Sunday, June 25, 2006

New Advent Starts Their Own Blog; Lists 25 Busiest Catholic Websites

New Advent, the publisher of the incredibly important and useful 1911 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia (out of copyright), the Summa Theologica and other important Catholic documents has started it's own blog. Great idea! Read it Here

As an indicator that the blog may be as useful as the Encyclopedia, here's what I found within ten seconds of going there, the 25 busiest Catholic websites:


Here are the top 25 Catholic websites in the world, as of June 2006, according to This is a list of the busiest Catholic websites.

  • The Holy See
  • New Advent
  • EWTN
  • Catholic Exchange
  • ACI Digital
  • Catholic Online
  • Spirit Daily
  • Zenit
  • Centro Católico de Evangelización
  • Catholic Answers
  • Catholic Community Forum
  • Opus Dei
  • American Catholic
  • Open Book
  • Christus Rex
  • Conférence des évêques de France
  • Catholic World News
  • Jimmy Akin
  • The Catholic Company
  • Catholic Culture
  • Catholic Singles
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