Thursday, June 22, 2006


Our African Mission Weekend has been a wonderful success.

Thank you, thank you, for your beautiful generosity! We reached our intended goal of $30,000.00. Thanks be to God! We are able to send $15,000.00 to Rabondo to build the teacher’s residence. We are also able to send $15,000.00 to Fr. Ben Oleket for the three roofs for the Mass Centers.

You are welcomed and encouraged to continue donating to our African Mission Projects in Kenya. Any additional gifts over and above the goal will continue to be deposited in the African Mission account specifically for these areas. When the group traveling to Kenya returns, they will communicate many needs that will be ongoing in our partnership efforts.

St. Olaf is a generous and thoughtful parish community. You heard the call from our brothers and sisters in Kenya. You listened to their needs. You opened your hearts and responded quickly. We are very grateful for everyone’s generosity. Come, Holy Spirit, continue to bless our journey as we walk hand in hand with our brothers and sisters in Africa. Amen.

“Our response to this vocation of solidarity with the Church and peoples of Africa enables us to express love ‘in deed and in truth’ (1 John 3:18), a love that creates no borders and sets no limits to what might be accomplished together in Christ.” A Call to Solidarity with Africa, U.S. Catholic Bishops
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From the St Olaf Bulletin
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