Monday, June 19, 2006

Five New Programs Added to Relevant Radio® Lineup

Stronger Focus on Listener Interaction, Catholic Faith

Calling it a “major programming move” that encourages more listener interaction and a stronger focus on the Catholic faith, Relevant Radio has added five new shows to its daily lineup beginning June 26.

With the introduction of the five new programs and expansion of The Drew Mariani Show™ to four hours, over 90% of the 24/7 broadcast day will be Relevant Radio produced. In addition, during the 15 hour time period from 5:00am CST/6:00am EST until 8:00pm CST/9:00pm EST, there will be 12 hours of live, interactive programs, allowing Relevant Radio listeners more opportunities to call in with questions and comments for hosts and guests.

Relevant Radio CEO Dick Lyles said, “It is our strategy to respond to listener needs and develop high-quality, listener-interactive talk radio programs that Catholics and non-Catholics alike tell us they want.” He continues, “In addition, the five new programs will allow for greater control of content, open other distribution channels and provide increased technical control for our local stations and affiliates. Also, it makes a great deal of sense from a financial standpoint, in light of the rising cost of buying syndicated programs from outside sources”.
Highlights of the new programs include:

• On Call™ with Dr. Ray and Friends – Nationally-known radio show host and clinical psychologist Dr. Ray Guarendi answers calls about parenting, stress, marriage, abuse and other issues within a Catholic framework.

• Searching the Word™ – Some of the brightest minds in the Church equip listeners with a firm understanding of their faith – from the Bible to the Catechism to papal teachings to Christian history and more.

• The Inner Life™ - A rotating panel of highly experienced Catholic priests help listeners with tools to learn about spiritual growth and direction.

• Issues and Answers™ - In this daily news wrap program, award-winning journalist Sheila Liaugminas brings listeners the last word on issues of the day with truth and clarity.

• Changed Forever™ - Father Larry Richards speaks with zeal, humor and insight during these sermons recorded live especially for Relevant Radio. [Snip] More from Relevant Radio

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