Sunday, June 18, 2006

Progressives and God's Allegiance to them

"Our Adoro"
of Adoro Te Devote" blog has some comments on yesterday's column in the StarTribune commenting on the perceived move of "progressives" to organized religion:

The problem here is that the term "left-leaning activists" are NOT religious at all. In fact, they place faith at the bottom of the barrel and push Jesus aside as a decoration for their handbills and litigation referrals. They use "faith" as a type of stamp to seal the daub of paraffin upon the unholy agendas so cited above. These people have nothing to do with God...they are working against His Word and they are doing so deliberately.

In order to be charitable, I will admit that there are some who did not know their faith to begin with and so were easily fleeced in this culture which has suppressed critical thought while prentending to encourage it. [snip] Read More
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