Friday, June 30, 2006


Jayne, a brand new Minnesota blogger, who blogs at and about So Many Devotions...So Little Time has an interesting piece with a couple of good links about the True Cross. Frankly, I've often been very sceptical about the probability of St Helena and others in the fourth century finding much in Jerusalem after the Romans had destroyed the temple in 70 A.D. and scattered most of the Jews into the diaspora. But it seems that it was not so unlikely.

Jayne's theme is the various Catholic devotional practices that have arisen and fallen in use over the many centuries. Especially fallen after Vatican II. But some are coming back now.

This week my son and I are spending some time reading through our Catholic homeschool readers. We enjoy these books, which are designed for reading practice and pleasure. The stories deal with Catholic families in the parish and school setting, saints, fairy tales, and folk tales. One of the stories we read today mentioned St. Helena and the 'True Cross.' Being the inquisitive person that I am - I decided to hunt down some information on the True Cross and on relics in general. [snip] Read More

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