Saturday, June 24, 2006

Father and Son Tend Superior's Catholic Cemeteries

Superior Catholic Herald Father and son, Rolland and Jim Plunkett, spend their days on hallowed ground. Both men work in Superior Diocese's cemeteries as sextons, an occupation as old as mankind. But times are changing and the business of running a cemetery has modern challenges.

Rolland cares for St. Francis Cemetery, on the east end of Superior, and his son Jim is Calvary Cemetery's sexton on the city's south end.

When the younger Plunkett hired on he had two assistants -- one full time and one part time -- and during the summer months there was enough work for five more grass cutters. That was 24 years ago. Since then many graves have been added and whole new burial sections have been developed. The work has increased dramatically but costs have gone up too. Now Plunkett's budget allows him only one part-time helper. [snip] More

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