Saturday, June 17, 2006

What is it Like to Have the Missionaries of Charity as a Customer?

at Abbey-Roads blog tells of his experience upon receiving a customer service complaint from one of the local Missionaries of Charity sisters. That'll keep one honest. And the photo is worth the visit.

I had an incident one day a month or so ago in the Store I work in. It made me do a lot of thinking. The Missionaries of Charity came in to see me. Every time they visit the Store I feel like I'm seeing Mother. Sometimes I even lapse and call them Mother instead of Sister. No offense to any other religious order but these nuns are exceptional examples of the religious life; they remain just as faithful to radical poverty and their original charism as when they were founded. They are women of prayer as evidenced by the rosary they carry in their hands and are actively praying as you meet them - their rosaries do not just hang on their belts.

When you encounter the sisters you cannot help but tangibly feel their charity. I love them. They had to talk to me about a mistake we made in our catalog. [snip] Read the Rest
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