Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More on Window Size Requirements and Safety

Erin at bearing blog has a follow up post to one she did the other day on the 2 year old who fell out a fourth floor window.

I blogged a few days ago about little Laela Shaugobay, who fell from a fourth-floor window in Minneapolis, in part (apparently) due to fire codes that require minimum-sized windows that are easy to open from the inside.

Laela is likely to survive, according to today's Star Tribune. She's a lucky girl.

But her story highlights some serious problems with the city's fire code.

The exact circumstances of her fall are unclear to Shaugobay, but she said it appears that Laela had gone to the open window and may have been trying to look out or to put her face against the screen. The window sill is low, coming to just below Laela's waist.

That's too low for safety. That's also where the window sills are in my house, because the city required it. See my post, which includes pictures of my two-year-old son standing next to the window in his future bedroom. [slip] Read the Rest

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