Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Land of Lakes Choirboys" paying visit to Macon, GA

To kick off the dedication of their new marble altar, St. Joseph Catholic Church has enlisted some of the most prized voices in choral music.

The youthful sounds of the Land of Lakes Choirboys of Minnesota will cap off an evening prayer service at the newly-renovated Macon church. Nelda Chapman, organist and director of music for the church, said it will be an ecumenical service featuring speakers from different churches in the area.

"At 7 p.m. we'll have a choral evensong, which is designed for congregation participation," Chapman said. "It's short, and it involves hymns dealing with the dedication of the altar and psalms that are part of the liturgy." Chapman said the church was in talks with the choir even before the altar was set to be dedicated.

"The altar was somewhere between Poland and the United States when we planned this," she said.

The Land of Lakes Choirboys are divided into five different choirs, and the most prestigious will perform here. "We're very lucky, because that choir usually tours Europe in the summers, but the World Cup interfered with their schedule," Chapman said. [snip]

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