Saturday, June 10, 2006 Quietly Submits Some of its Promised "Final Report" on the Gay Subculture in the St Paul Seminary, headed by Dr. David Pence of Mankato, MN, submitted before Easter an initial report on their study of what they term to be "The Gay Subculture in the St Paul Seminary of the Archdiocese of St Paul - Minneapolis. The final report was promised by Pentecost and has now appeared on their web page.

This is how they have presented the report:

"The docsociety is a brotherhood of Catholic men working to restore fatherhood and fraternity among Catholic priests and laymen. The basic arguments and strategy of the docsociety are presented in our founding document and in the Essays and Documents section. We are focusing our work presently in the Archdiocese of St Paul. We are building a public body of men in the archdiocese to carry the message of the “White Paper on the Breakdown of Priestly Fraternity” to the priests, deacons and seminarians of our local church. We urge all to read this paper, learn from it, criticize it and correct it before its final Pentecost edition. As Lent ended we released the first edition of this paper in a public meeting with 150 people-90 men formed a public body representing the docsociety. Our role is to tell the truth about a significant unfaithful subculture in our diocesan priesthood. We presented publicly the reasons we are calling for the resignation of the Vicar General and the cessation of priestly duties by two diocesan priests.

The Pentecost White Paper is not dated Pentecost 2006. Our continuing work in the docsociety is to formulate a coherent description of the diocese and the fractured fraternity of the ecclesial brotherhood promised by Vatican II. We are a communion of brothers seeking to tell the truth and give courage. The truth will set us free but it cannot come without cost. The truth in this diocese is going to require contrition not attrition; metanoia not retirement parties. Without repentance, there is no proclamation of the kingdom of God.

We are still formulating three final appendices-one of which Appendix W(itnesses) will be multiple testimonies by priests regarding the veracity of our paper. The role of docsociety is to keep telling the truth in charity. There is a fundamental reform of the diocesan priesthood that must occur for us to proclaim the gospel with full credibility as a local church. We reiterate: that reform will come from the grace of the Spirit and a renewed courage among diocesan priests more than the organizing work of docsociety. That is the Pentecost we pray for and hope to record."

The column on the right of the page contains the documents, available as both Word and pdf files, that they present, some of which were presented before Easter:

The Erosion of Priestly Fraternity in the Archdiocese of St Paul [13 April 2006]

Archdiocesan Officeholders 1975 - 2006 [18 April 2006]

Appendix: Father John J. Bussman documents [18 April 2006]

Appendix: Father Ryan Erickson documents [18 April 2006]

Appendix G (Gay Press Explains How Diocese Was Taught) [18 April 2006]

Appendix F(raternity) - Don't Blame the Bishop, Help Him: : The duty of individual priests to live in communion with Pope Benedict and Archbishop Flynn by engaging in fraternal correction. [12 May 2006]

Appendix P (Psychological Identity or Spiritual Paternity: Trading Catholic Anthropology for the Thin Gruel of Secular Psychology) [6 June 2006]

Appendix S (Sexuality, Spirituality and the Gay Subcultures of St. Paul Seminary: The confusing world of Bill McDonough, Michael Papesh, and Thomas Krenik) [sic] [6 June 2006]

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